Error open terminal: alacritty

Published: 07.10.2021 | 115 Words | 1 minutes

Alacritty is a fine terminal emulator but on ssh connections there can be some hicups with "old" host that do not have alacritty in there "terminfo database". To fix this the database must be updated. This can be done with the following command:

infocmp > /tmp/alacritty.terminfo  # export Alacritty's Terminfo
scp /tmp/alacritty.terminfo user@remote-host:~/ # copy it to the remote host
ssh "$user@$host" 'tic -x ~/alacritty.terminfo' # update the database on the host

This will export the Alacritty entry from the local database and import it on the host. For the change taking effect you will likely need to restart the ssh session.

If you cannot upoload the file yourself you can use this one alacritty.terminfo

That's all ;)
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